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About us

Our company is located in Tanzhou town,Zhongshan city. We estabilished our printer brand name Besheng on 2008. Swaroniki has been involved in printers field since 2008. Our factory facilities cover around 5000 square meters, with about 80 staffs, including 10 skillful technicians,  55 workers and other 15 top management, sales and purchaser working together. We have more than 8 years experience in printer industry and have a professional experts R&D team and a strong skillful QA team.

With our integrated industrial chains, such as industrial design, engineering, moulding,manufacturing,quality control, we strive to provide excellent OEM & ODM services to our valued customers.
Currently we are serving many famous companies home & abroad.

Our main products includes printers, ink cartridges and chips.

1.Very creative product with high customer experience
We doing progress than market products,Our handheld printer with 3.5 inch touch screen.You can edit text,bar code,scan code on touch screen directly.It’s can also download text,pic from computer to our U-disk,Then improting to the printer.Very easy to use. Improved customer experience.

2.High cost performance with advantage price
Our company are supported by local government,We don’t need to pay tax for it.So we can give this part of profit to our customers.Our price can be lowest in market.

3.Widly used with wide range of customers
This handheld printer can widly used for many different industry.Customer can use it for many products’s package.It’s can print company name,logo with bar code,scan code or some short advertisement.Especially can reduce the cost of labels.Very interesting when use it.

4.Help you increase your product type and gain more customer groups.
To be our agent can help you increase the product type in printing industry to meeting the needs of different customer groups.



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